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Try LinkMeMine. Manage your computer and smart devices anytime, anywhere.

Manage your smart device fast, wherever and whenever.

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Connect, control and manage with LinkMeMine.

Simplify your work by using LinkMeMine.
We connect you and your devices all over the world with the industry-leading remote access technology.

Special features of LinkMeMine Special features of LinkMeMine Special features of LinkMeMine

Feel free to use LinkMeMine anytime, anywhere.
Access and control your device as if it’s right in front of you.


Why LinkMeMine for remote control?

LinkMeMine offers efficient and systematic tools to manage your devices.

  • Fast and Simple to Use

    Our features are easy-to-use, even for first-time users, and the included management and analysis tools maximize cost reduction.

    Special features of LinkMeMine
  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Maximum Security

    Our top priority is to keep your information safe.

    Ensure private remote sessions with 256-bit AES encryption and SSL (Security Socket Layer)
    One-time access verification code and two-level password options

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Take advantage of our technical support, open 24/7, 365 days a year.
    System error and customer feedback are noted and reflected in product updates
    Remote support available for technical support team to troubleshoot issues

    Special features of LinkMeMine
  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Application Software and Web Application

    LinkMeMine provides both downloadable application and web application.

    Application software: ideal for managing multiple devices and viewing its details
    Web application: ideal for real-time status monitoring and remote control


Fast, Easy and Reliable Remote Access Solution

Remote access to all of the devices at work, home, or anywhere else to improve work productivity.

  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Cost effective

    Maximize efficiency by using our top-of-the-line remote access solution at a reasonable cost

  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Stable and reliable access

    Guaranteed reliable access through continuous research on our specialized technology

  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Different expertise

    Accredited with multiple patents, our remote solution sets apart from other competitors

  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Optimal performance

    Ensure reliable remote access in optimal speed and quality, within all networks and device types

  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Fast and easy to use

    Discover a better group management tool for your device

  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Quick and reliable support

    Our technical support team promises to be professional and reliable