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LinkMeMine for Smart Factory

Smart Factory with LinkMeMine.
Multiple control, remote support, inspector integration, real-time monitoring and more.

Accurate Manufacturing
Process Control



-Build a system based on universal network infrastructure
-Lower cost compared to a hardware-based solution
-Specialized features made for manufacturing process control

-Improve quality and reliability with precise control and fault handling
-Increase scalability with easy changes to solution

-Build a stable system with proven technology
-Centralize control center through integrated management features
-Accurately identify the cause of system failure by checking log data

-Superior performance, like you are on-site


Why LinkMeMine ROS System?

With LinkMeMine ROS (remote operating system),
Experience the highest level of efficiency and productivity.

  • Easy-to-use and scalable

    User-friendly system for all smart devices using Windows OS

  • Minimize firewall

    Only requires relay server connection and direct firewall opening between host and client is not required

  • Higher security

    International encryption standards met with AES and SSL protocol

  • Multi-device, multi-monitoring

    Real-time monitoring and remote control over PC-based servers and devices

  • Fast to built, low in cost

    Easy deployment with software-based solution that can manage multiple devices using replay server

  • Integrated management solution

    Devices can be registered and grouped to fit to user needs, which can also be monitored in real-time via live view function

  • Optimized performance solution

    Solution with fast response and low latency optimized for smart factory settings

  • Cross-platform software

    Our software is highly compatible and can be used in conjunction with other systems upon client request


Optimized and efficient solution for your facility

Introduce LinkMeMine in all workplaces,
like factories, facility networks, corporate offices, laboratories and so much more.

Success story from the largest display manufacturer in Korea

LinkMeMine is useful for managing manufacturing processes, as well
as managing hundreds of users and devices. The remote solution helps
us identify the problem quickly and accurately during the inspection
process, and thereby have improved our work efficiency.

  • Special features of LinkMeMine


    "Most of our production process demands the highest level of detailed work, as the finest speck of dust cannot be permitted. Inflow of foreign matter is prevented as much as possible with various defense measures, like by utilizing a clean room and wearing dustproof clothing, but the micro-level dusts still invade when employees enter the facility. ROS can fundamentally solve these problems by minimizing the number of employees entering inside the clean room and significantly lowering the defect rate."

  • ROS Room (Integrated Control Center)

    "We gathered our dispersed workforce in one place, therefore enabling efficient work orders and smooth communication between employees— this gave an enormous advantage to our management, as it led to an immediate increase in productivity both individually and as a collective. This was all done through utilizing remote control system called remote operating system (ROS), built so that inspection and repair work can be done outside of the clean room."

    Special features of LinkMeMine
  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Office and Research Laboratory

    "Productivity rate has increased by 150%, but the labor was cut in half, resulting in a significant improvement in ROI. Currently, the global market is deteriorating due to increased competition among manufacturers. ROS will be a solution that will help us compete with manufacturers in China and Southeast Asia, who are unfairly profiting from low wages."


Experience a better smart factory with LinkMeMine

Maximize efficiency and productivity with
LinkMeMine ROS

  • Remote Screen Control

    Save time

    Dramatically reduce working hours by simplifying initial deployment, and by identifying and quickly responding to issues

  • File Transfer

    Cost reduction

    Reduce deployment, maintenance and labor costs by minimizing manpower in manufacturing process

  • Screenshot

    Integrated management

    Centralized control through various features like live view, multi-control, group management and statistics

  • Live View

    Increase profit

    Improve efficiency, productivity, and product quality, which will ultimately cut cost and increase profit

  • Reboot and Power Off

    Easy to use

    Simple installation, user-friendly interface and features with no additional fees after initial deployment

  • Multiple OS Support

    High scalability

    Easy updates and integration with other existing solutions